Wednesday, June 27, 2007

06.2007 Mathletics challenge & Quantum Mechanics

More Geek Week photos! Thanks SirStan!

Nutty Steph says:

Hey this is Nutty Steph reporting on the Geek Week Mathletics challenge! We determined if the number of $ in the US Budget deficit was greater, less or equel to the number of nuts on earth if the earth was made of Nutty Steph's granola. Here's what we found out, with much thanks to the all-knowing interweb.

The volume of earth is 1.0832073 x 10^12 k^3
(This is scientific notation for: 1,083,207,300,000 cubic kilometers)

We changed that to cubic meters, which are easier to imagine than cubic kilometers anbd the volume is: 1.0832073 x 10^21 cubic meters

Since we had the volume of granola in cups, we converted the earth's volume to cups and got an even bigger number, since cups are so much smaller than a cubic meter. The volume of the earth in cups is: 4.57839229491 x 10^24

We're almost there! Ben measured out a cup of granola and then picked out the nuts and weighed them. He even repeated the porocess 3 times and took an average to ensure the numbers were properly representative of The Truth. Ben found 1.125 ounces of nuts in a cup of granola. SOOOOOOO....

We determined that this equation would caluclate the pounds of nuts in the earth:

1.125 oz nuts/1 cup granola X 1 pound/16 ounces X 4.57839229491 X 10^24 cups/ earth

= 321.918 x 10^18 pounds of nuts/earth full of granola, which, spoelled out, is the following gargantuant number of nuts in Nutty Steph's Vermont Granola:

321,918,000,000,000,000,000 lb NUTs

and this is much more than the measley US. budget deficit of $8,812,128,177,807.

The lesson, boys and girls, is clearly this:
Don't sweat the budget, just eat Nutty Steph's Vermont Granola. Thanks and enjoy!

All Geek Week Mathletics Challenge participants shared in some delicious Nutty Steph's Trail Mix, made with Belgian chocolate, Virginia peanuts, juicy flame raisins and the original Vermont Granola.


Entanglement, tunneling: I didn't know quantum physics was so sexy.

Physics is how. Philosophy is why. And the current administration is when.


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