Saturday, March 6, 2010

03.2010 Langdon St Cafe presents GEEK WEEK 4.0!

Round up the data cowboys! Its time for Geek Week 4.0, the Langdon Street Cafe's week-long tribute to hackers, board gamerz, knob twiddlers, synth pimps, comic book nerds and hardware junkies!

March 24-31, 2010 :: BE THERE AND BE SQUARE

Wednesday March 24: CLIQUE TO LOAD
cafe closed from 5:30 - 7.

7pm Opening ceremony
Ms. Pac Man tourney begins, Hacker Challenge, Bananagrams tournament, board game shelf revealed

8pm Matt Lorenz of Rusty Belle presents THE SUITCASE JUNKET
One-man band CD release party

9:30pm The CASIO project: Madmad Bicycle
The most confounding weirdness ever to enter your earness. Lots of little circuit bent Casio synths. Matt Lorenz, Max Adam and Ryan Nestor on knobs and buttons, projections, video distortion.

10:30pm Dance Party! with ERNIE RIVERS AND THE BORN-READYS
Late 50s inspired "Dirty Rock" in the vein of "Hang on Sloopy" LIVE


- Modular Origami by Crispy
- Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition by Ben t. Matchstick

9pm DURIANS (electro-freakout)


6-8 Happy Hour with Information Overload 80s edition
Live Trivia with Jen Dole (prizes!)

10pm the return of SPUTNIK
Featuring Anais Mitchell, Noah Hahn, Sara Grace, Jay Ekis and Ben t. Matchstick (80s dance party)

Saturday March 27: HACK THE PLANET

Montreal Anarchist Soccer collective -- Statehouse Lawn.

2pm Ethical Hackers Workshop with Grep
Cutting edge hacking techniques & countermeasures, including Metasploit, SSLstrip, and the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET). All aboard the Pwnie Express!


- Hardware Hacking Workshop with N0izMaker: Circuit bending, microcontrollers, & ultrasonic sensors abound.

- Tapeloops with Nick Painter

- Live Mapping with Shane Watt

6pm BUTTERFLY STARPOWER(6 yr. old lead singer)

7pm James KochalkaSuperstar. 8 bit songs created on the GameBoy Advance.

9pm Beware! the Other Head of Science(Albany, NY punk)


Sunday March 28: GAME ON!

Geek Week Gaming Con.
1pm - 6pm

8pm Rory Raven, mentalist/spoonbender

Monday March 29: SCHOOL NIGHT

8pm Miss Wizard Anne Watson presents uber geek John Cohn, chief engineer of IBM

Tues March 30: Capes and Tights and Slo-Mo Fights!

Superhero Showdown!

7pm Workshops
- D&D 4th edition

9pm kufui

Wednesday March 31: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO QUIT?

7pm Workshops

local, live electronica w/ host ROBO

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

06.2007 Mathletics challenge & Quantum Mechanics

More Geek Week photos! Thanks SirStan!

Nutty Steph says:

Hey this is Nutty Steph reporting on the Geek Week Mathletics challenge! We determined if the number of $ in the US Budget deficit was greater, less or equel to the number of nuts on earth if the earth was made of Nutty Steph's granola. Here's what we found out, with much thanks to the all-knowing interweb.

The volume of earth is 1.0832073 x 10^12 k^3
(This is scientific notation for: 1,083,207,300,000 cubic kilometers)

We changed that to cubic meters, which are easier to imagine than cubic kilometers anbd the volume is: 1.0832073 x 10^21 cubic meters

Since we had the volume of granola in cups, we converted the earth's volume to cups and got an even bigger number, since cups are so much smaller than a cubic meter. The volume of the earth in cups is: 4.57839229491 x 10^24

We're almost there! Ben measured out a cup of granola and then picked out the nuts and weighed them. He even repeated the porocess 3 times and took an average to ensure the numbers were properly representative of The Truth. Ben found 1.125 ounces of nuts in a cup of granola. SOOOOOOO....

We determined that this equation would caluclate the pounds of nuts in the earth:

1.125 oz nuts/1 cup granola X 1 pound/16 ounces X 4.57839229491 X 10^24 cups/ earth

= 321.918 x 10^18 pounds of nuts/earth full of granola, which, spoelled out, is the following gargantuant number of nuts in Nutty Steph's Vermont Granola:

321,918,000,000,000,000,000 lb NUTs

and this is much more than the measley US. budget deficit of $8,812,128,177,807.

The lesson, boys and girls, is clearly this:
Don't sweat the budget, just eat Nutty Steph's Vermont Granola. Thanks and enjoy!

All Geek Week Mathletics Challenge participants shared in some delicious Nutty Steph's Trail Mix, made with Belgian chocolate, Virginia peanuts, juicy flame raisins and the original Vermont Granola.


Entanglement, tunneling: I didn't know quantum physics was so sexy.

Physics is how. Philosophy is why. And the current administration is when.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seven Days Video Log

Thanks to Eva Sollberger for putting together this fantastic Seven Days video tribute for Geek Week!!

And mad props to Liz Drake for this truly tubular Geek Week photo archive!!

Yesterday's top quote: "Well.. that's when you call in the data cowboy"

Monday, June 25, 2007

It's "Innoventions" day at Geek Week, and tonight (9 to 9:30) I'll be doing my electronic music set with home-made light sensing synthesizers and other never-before-seen electronic instruments. After that I'll be playing some classic Aphex Twin, Autechre, u-ziq, and orbital with slick-of-the-art visuals! The full schedule for today is here: I really hope you can stop by! Support Geek Week! Check it:Times Argus: Days:
love and power converters, GREP

Ben here, if you are checking this and wondering if you should come down tonight the answer is a resounding YUPYUP. There is Ms. Anne Watson aka Ms. Wizard's World- magnets, lazers, and buckets that make music- a must see for geeky freeekys. Then show and tell- bring your invention, your innovation, gadget, gizmo, or fun science info. you just might learn something.
5pm ms. wizards world.
geek out, ben t matchstick

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Its Sunday morning and finally we have a chance to relax with the cereal bar (with gummi worms) and some Fraggle Rock, Inspector Gadget, cartoons cartoons cartoons! We got the Nintendo System rigged up in the "crash pad" zone and of course the Arcade machine is shuffling around everybody's favorite games, like Rampage (Peoria Totally Destroyed!), Mortal Kombat ("Get Over Here!"), and Ms. Pacman (join the tournament!). Thats just the beginning. Today we are getting our backgam-mon! Its the Anti-Social Social, all day today, sunday with Jazz Theory and Jazz tonight.
Lets recap shall we? Thursday with Electric Halo and the interactive soundscape- killer spacetrip. Friday with Information Overload- congratulations to the B-Team, with Jen on their side serving as Dominator! Then Jane Fonda's workout-thanks Debbie for getting us warmed up for Sputnick! We rocked so hard for Sputnick! Everybody dressed to the nines with big hair and roller skates! Totally Rad 8os geek out!
Yesterday for Hack the Planet we kicked it off with the Toast and Jam then workshops in Cardboard Hacking and Ethical Hacking. The bands, the Wards, moshing! too much and still more to come!
What a response to geek.week! We welcome those who have confessed thier geekiness! Be not afraid.
Heres Joe with some info for things to come on Thursday....
Hi folks, my name's Joe Weinmunson. I'm a Man in Black for Steve Jackson Games, and I'll be bringing a couple of great games next Thursday. First up, the always-popular Munchkin, a comic take on the kind of dungeon-grinding, monster-killing game we know so well. Kill everything you meet, backstab your friends, and keep all the treasure for yourself! In honor of Geek Week, I'll also be running Chez Geek, a card game of young apartment life. Not life like that old game with four kids and pensions and insurance--life like working low-wage jobs, hanging out with friends, watching bad movies, petting cats, and avoiding losers. Both games are loads of fun, and hey--prizes! I hope to see some of you there.

Thanks Joe! Now if we could just find someone with a truck to help us get the ping-pong tournament on. Please geek gods, shine upon us.
Come on and geek out with us, your brain will never be the same!

Monday, June 18, 2007

GW-2007 project photos

Information overload
[ circuit-bending a game show podium]

Arcade machine
[Joystick, free wi-fi, & bombay sapphire]

NES Redux
[Talk about retro-fitting]