Sunday, June 24, 2007

Its Sunday morning and finally we have a chance to relax with the cereal bar (with gummi worms) and some Fraggle Rock, Inspector Gadget, cartoons cartoons cartoons! We got the Nintendo System rigged up in the "crash pad" zone and of course the Arcade machine is shuffling around everybody's favorite games, like Rampage (Peoria Totally Destroyed!), Mortal Kombat ("Get Over Here!"), and Ms. Pacman (join the tournament!). Thats just the beginning. Today we are getting our backgam-mon! Its the Anti-Social Social, all day today, sunday with Jazz Theory and Jazz tonight.
Lets recap shall we? Thursday with Electric Halo and the interactive soundscape- killer spacetrip. Friday with Information Overload- congratulations to the B-Team, with Jen on their side serving as Dominator! Then Jane Fonda's workout-thanks Debbie for getting us warmed up for Sputnick! We rocked so hard for Sputnick! Everybody dressed to the nines with big hair and roller skates! Totally Rad 8os geek out!
Yesterday for Hack the Planet we kicked it off with the Toast and Jam then workshops in Cardboard Hacking and Ethical Hacking. The bands, the Wards, moshing! too much and still more to come!
What a response to geek.week! We welcome those who have confessed thier geekiness! Be not afraid.
Heres Joe with some info for things to come on Thursday....
Hi folks, my name's Joe Weinmunson. I'm a Man in Black for Steve Jackson Games, and I'll be bringing a couple of great games next Thursday. First up, the always-popular Munchkin, a comic take on the kind of dungeon-grinding, monster-killing game we know so well. Kill everything you meet, backstab your friends, and keep all the treasure for yourself! In honor of Geek Week, I'll also be running Chez Geek, a card game of young apartment life. Not life like that old game with four kids and pensions and insurance--life like working low-wage jobs, hanging out with friends, watching bad movies, petting cats, and avoiding losers. Both games are loads of fun, and hey--prizes! I hope to see some of you there.

Thanks Joe! Now if we could just find someone with a truck to help us get the ping-pong tournament on. Please geek gods, shine upon us.
Come on and geek out with us, your brain will never be the same!


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Dear Ben and Dave,

Your Geek Week is awesome. Congrats on such a cool idea!

xo Eva from 7D

PS The vlog on Geek Week will be up today or tomorrow!

alexmegelas said...

Hey all -

Andrew, Geoff and I just got back from Montreal from our Lovecraftian tour of New England. I just thought I'd write in to thank y'all for hosting such an awesome event! The Thurs nite game with Joe (as well as the general geekery surrounding us at the event) was the perfect kick-off to our trip...

Next year, I'm for sure coming back with another Canadian delegation!